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Network CD Receiver with AirPlay, Spotify, Bluetooth, and Internet Radio

$ 1699.00

The SoundWare XS 2.1 Loudspeaker System is an ultra-compact stereo speaker system with powered subwoofer that brings a new level of style and substance to your music listening experience.

The ultra-compact 5.1 speaker system that brings a new level of style and substance to anyone looking for great sounding home theater.

This 5.1 surround sound system includes five two-way satellite speakers and a high-performance subwoofer that let you take advantage of high-definition movie soundtracks and music.

$ 399.00 $ 1,299.00

The Concept 20 changes everything. Its revolutionary ‘GelcoreTM Construction’ cabinet means music lovers can enjoy genuine ‘high end’ sonic performance

$ 599.00

The integrated table stand/wall bracket of the new 7000Ci centre channel loudspeaker attaches to the centre of the cabinet, allowing it to present horizontally. Apart from this, it is identical to the 7000i L+R models and therefore delivers an absolutely seamless soundstage for the listener.

$ 399.00

The 7000i Speaker Stands are a perfect match for 7000i Speakers. The Speaker base is removed and it attaches directly to the Stand with the cable running internally up the Stand column. The Stand base is made from stylish armoured glass so floor coverings can be seen through it. The Stand comes...

$ 349.00

The 7000Si Subwoofer cabinet is compact cuboid shape, where the design focus is on getting the biggest sound from the smallest, best-looking enclosure and with Q Acoustics the focus is always first and foremost on getting the very best sound quality. The 7000Si will ensure you get the very best...

$ 949.00

We demanded unrivalled sonic performance and breathtaking value for money. In the award winning 7000i Cinema Pack, our designers have surpassed themselves.Its precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass make it the natural choice for both home cinema enthusiasts and discerning...

$ 2299.00

NAD D 8020 + D 3020 Compact Desk System

$ 1299.00

D-M40DAB DAB/DAB+ Micro Hi-Fi System

2-driver, 2-way vented die-cast aluminum enclosures with integrated baffle and chassis

$ 599.00

2-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension Stand-mounted / wall-mounted Gloss Black

$ 299.00 $ 599.00

2-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension Stand-mounted / wall-mounted Gloss Black

$ 499.00 $ 899.00

2-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension Stand-mounted / wall-mounted Gloss Black

$ 999.00 $ 1,999.00

3-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension LCR on-wall Sit center speaker on table or shelf, supports included Gloss Black

$ 299.00 $ 399.00

Six piece, 5.1 channel versatile and compact home theater speaker system Available in Black

$ 1329.00

Wharfedale Crystal 4 Series speakers are for music and film lovers who are seeking a quality, fully-fledged home cinema solution at an entry-level price.The bookshelf and floorstanding speakers in the range equally perform within 2-channel systems in their own right.

$ 1199.00
Showing 1 - 18 of 24 items