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We challenge you to find a speaker in this size that provides better sound quality and deeper bass than the Acustica/Lounge!  Its powerful digital amplifiers and custom woofer can play bass notes as low as 50Hz. It has a very loud output without losing the hi-fi quality sound.

$ 399.00

The superior sound quality of a Hi-Fi, the ultra-precise engineering of a Swiss watch: there’s a reason the compact Classic/ S speaker has won so many industry awards. To mark its 10-year anniversary, we’ve redesigned the inside to make your music sound even better.

$ 499.00

Once you’ve seen and heard it, it’s easy to understand why it’s won so many awards. The Classic/ M blends superior Hi-Fi sound with fine Swiss engineering, making it the perfect speaker system for any passionate music lover.

$ 599.00 $ 699.00

The only centre channel speaker in the new 600 Series, the HTM6 beings to life dialogue in a home theatre set-up with stunning realism.

$ 1299.00

Named after the mighty Bowen River in New Zealand, the Bowen range of Premium Interconnect Cables delivers outstandingly smooth, yet powerful sound coupled with stunning looks.

$ 799.00

Enjoy your CD collection investment with Rotel’s CD14 compact disc player. As with all 14 series components, it features a high performance power supply and intuitive operation.

$ 949.00

Rotel’s T11 is a high quality FM/DAB+ tuner with up to 30 station presets. It provides a wealth of free music listening options.

$ 729.00
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Either placed on shelves or on stands, The new Antigua MC170 impress with their easy sonic integration and musical versatility. The three-way speaker is fitted with a new coaxial twoway driver, for a wide dispersion and uncompressed sound reproduction, homogeneous in every direction

$ 1499.00

The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones 

$ 549.00

The Goldring philosophy is to promote the accurate replication of the original record production, maintaining the creative nuances, musicality and rhythm the artist intended you to hear. With the versatile E Series, this is easy to achieve; each is designed to be simple to fit to the majority of...

$ 229.00

High-end tesla stereo headphones (open) Circumaural headphones for an authentic concert experience at home Optimised tesla technology for an outstanding listening experience Precise and clear resolution, suitable for the most varied music genres High-quality materials for optimum wearing...

$ 799.00

DT 880 Edition Hi-fi headphones (semi-open) Circumaural, premium headphones for music enjoyment at home Neutral highs and bass tones and excellent spatial reproduction Optimum wearing comfort, even when enjoying music for several hours Made in Germany

$ 329.00

Experience world-class sound with the latest adaptive noise cancellation technology. These sleek, on-ear headphones keep out the world so you can live fully in yours.

$ 549.00 $ 649.00

Compact wireless speaker for every room Denon Sound Quality Unlimited Music Sources 3 Quick Selects for your favourite stations Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2

$ 699.00
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The ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE record clamp GRIP-S is a highly innovative design that eliminates record groove noise revealing a new level of musical performance.

$ 179.00

Stereo integrated amplifier with 9 inputs & App control

$ 1749.00
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Showing 181 - 198 of 201 items