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Atoll Electronique DAC200 Signature DAC



The Atoll Electronique DAC200 Signature Converter is an audiophile model with full connectivity and a high-end digital-to-analog converter compatible with digital audio files up to 32 bits / 768 kHz and DSD 512.

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Atoll Electronique DAC200 Signature Converter

The Atoll Electronique DAC200 Signature Converter is designed and assembled in Normandy in the French brand’s workshops. The Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC is a high-end solution for connecting all your digital sources and ensuring quality conversion. To do this, the Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC embeds a powerful Saber ES9028PRO converter compatible with PCM formats up to 32 bits / 768 kHz and DSD 512 via the asynchronous USB input. Equipped with extensive connectivity, the Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC also includes digital, optical and AES/EBU S/PDIF inputs, all compatible with audio files up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. Enough to take full advantage of your various digital sources: TV, network player, CD/SACD player, etc.


Atoll DAC200 Signature: 9 digital inputs, dual RCA and XLR outputs
High performance, the Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC adopts a careful design implementing a high precision low jitter clock, associated with a Saber ES9311EQ power supply, linear transformers for the output stages, as well as high quality capacitors using MKP technology for audio links. This configuration ensures that the Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC performs high quality digital/analog conversion, with perfect linearity and high dynamic range. Designed to be associated with a power amplifier or a preamplifier, the Atoll DAC200 Signature DAChas dual XLR and RCA connectors to ensure optimal connection with any amplifier. Two digital outputs are also available. The Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC has extensive connectivity.


Atoll DAC200 Signature: careful design 
The Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC benefits from very good manufacturing quality, with a thick steel frame and an 8 mm thick brushed aluminum front panel. This accommodates a high-quality headphone output, a control interface, as well as a large OLED screen to easily view the selected source and the sampling frequency of the song being played. The Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC can also be controlled remotely with the supplied remote control.

Extremely complete, the Atoll DAC200 Signature DAC is an audiophile solution for exploiting and optimizing all your digital sources. Its asynchronous USB input ensures optimal playback of your digital audio files up to 32 bits / 768 kHz and DSD 512, while its Bluetooth receiver makes it a versatile DAC for easily streaming music from a compatible device.


Technical Specifications

SABER ES9028PRO converter (32 bits/768kHz)
Ultra high precision low jitter clock
Balanced voltage outputs
SABER ES9311EQ power supply with very low noise (<1μVrms)
Balanced power supply of the audio output stages (linear transformers)
12 independent voltage regulations Output stages
with discrete components, without feedback, polarized in class A
MKP technology link
capacitors High-frequency silver mica technology capacitors
Volume management by disengageable converter (Bypass On or Off)
SPDIF inputs up to 24 bits / 192kHz
USB- B asynchronous up to 32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD 64, 128, 256 and 512
Bluetooth receiver

3 coaxial inputs
3 optical inputs
input 1 asynchronous USB-B input
1 coaxial
output 1 optical
output 1 unbalanced RCA
output 1 balanced XLR output
1 3.5 mm headphone output

Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 280 x 60 mm
Weight: 4.4 kg

New Zealand Atoll Official Product. Come with Atoll Manufactures Warranty.