MrSpeakers Ether2 Open Planar Headphones




ETHER 2 is MrSpeakers' all-new Top-of-the-Line planar magnetic headphone. At only 290grams, ETHER 2 smashes the weight barrier for top-of-the-line headphones, ensuring it feels as good as it sounds, and looks.

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$ 3,499.00

ETHER2ETHER™ 2 Flagship Open Planar Headphone

ETHER 2 has an entirely new motor optimized around TrueFlow technology. Instead of designing TrueFlow into an existing motor, we designed a new motor around the TrueFlow tech to realize a major improvement in linearity, dynamics and detail. And we didn’t stop there. To make the most of the increased resolution of the motor we developed an all-new diaphragm that’s 60% lighter than the original.

As a result, ETHER 2 delivers incredible clarity, powerful and fast bass, liquid mids, and a smooth, balanced top end that’s incredibly resolving yet not at all bright to deliver a remarkably lifelike rendering of your favorite music.

ETHER 2 is all metal and carbon fiber for ultimate sound quality and durability. Yet it’s light. Really light, weighing in at a scant 290 grams. That makes it almost 90 grams or 3.75 ounces lighter than our comfortable ETHER Flow headphones, and the lightest TOTL over-ear headphone on the market. Wear it all day, because you can.

Amazingly, this weight drop didn’t involve switching from metal to plastic components, which would compromise sound and reduce product life. Nope. Instead, ETHER 2 still sports an all metal headphone cup and headband, with a carbon fiber driver baffle so it’s built to last, in style.

At under 290gr, ETHER 2 is not only the lightest full size planar magnetic headphone on the market, it may be the lightest top-of-the-line headphone from any high-end vendor. Ultralight weight, a new ergonomic ear pad, and an enhanced webbed head-strap combine to make ETHER 2 the new standard in comfort.


Weight (without cable): 290gr

Detachable 2m premium VIVO cable with 6.35mm termination

Impedance: 16 ohms

Frequency Response: Yes*

2-year warranty (see terms and conditions for details)

*We don’t publish a spec because too many vendors shamelessly exaggerate the response of their headphones to win the “spec wars,” making any comparison of specs irrelevant.

New Zealand MrSpeakers Official Product. Come with MrSpeakers Manufactures Warranty.