HEOS Extend HEOS by Denon




  • Optional product extends your wireless reach to every part of your home.
  • HEOS and all other networked wireless devices in your home benefit
  • Dual band "N" for superior wireless network speed, range and stability

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HEOS Extend


Improve your Wireless Network

Now that you’ve chosen the HEOS wireless multi-room sound system, be sure you can enjoy it’s amazing sound anywhere in your home with our wireless range extender. The HEOS Extend ensures that by extending the reach and strength of your wireless home network signal should you need it. All of your wirelessly networked products including tablets etc benefit from a stronger home network.

  • Simply place the HEOS Extend conveniently within range of your existing wireless router, to make your home wireless network larger and stronger
  • Allows you flexibility to place HEOS speakers wherever you'd like in your home, even far from your existing wireless router
  • Set up is easy. Just power on HEOS Extend and follow the simple directions in the HEOS app

New Zealand Denon Official Product. Come with Denon Manufactures Warranty.