ifi Pro iRack Headphone Amplifier Rack




The Pro iRack has been designed from the ground up to perfectly support the iFi Pro series. It has an invisible sonic signature and stunning look. It allows you to extract the best sonic performance from your iFi Pro series collection and display it with style.

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$ 499.00

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Pro iRack by Ifi Audio
Our original iRack was perfect for the micro and nano series, but the Pro series was feeling a little left out.

That’s why we designed the Pro iRack to store the entire Pro series in style and comfort.

Go Pro.

And when we say all, we mean all.

  • Pro iDSD
  • Pro iCAN
  • Pro iESL

Your Pro series units will look even cooler in a unit lauded for its cutting-edge design and futuristic look.

Pro iRack by Ifi Audio

Look the part.

The Pro iRack is flexible. Its modular nature means that each ‘shelving unit’ is sold separately so it will grow with your collection.

One, two or three (or maybe even four, who knows?) means you’ll always have the perfect number to suit your collection.

The Pro iRack. Listen with style.

The tech spec.

The Pro iRack also improves the quality of your music.


Because it’s made from resonance-dampened magnesium-aluminium alloy which helps to create:

  • Micro vibration control
  • An invisible sonic signature

To cut vibration and reverb.

Music never sounded crisper and cleaner.

Its strikingly designed pillars are constructed from natural marble for optimum sound quality.

It boasts slim stainless steel supports with micro-vibration control for minimum energy storage.

The Pro iRack sports a multi-resonance damped sandwich construction for optimum damping and isolation.


Shelves: 1 Deck
Dimensions: 305mm (l) x 210mm (w) x 78mm (h)
Weight: 675g (1.5lbs)
*Amplifier Sold seperately

New Zealand ifi Official Product. Come with ifi Manufactures Warranty.