B&W CWM8.5 D Diamond In-Wall Speaker




CWM8.5 D is a two-way in-wall loudspeaker. It offers exceptionally high performance from a compact loudspeaker.

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See nothing, hear everything

The new Bowers & Wilkins CI800 Series Diamond range of custom installationspeakers is engineered for discerning customers who demand great hi-fi and home cinema sound from loudspeakers that occupy minimal space. This exceptional range of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers features all the key transducer technologies developed for the globally renowned 800 Series Diamond including Diamond dome tweeters, Continuum midrange drivers and Aerofoil bass cones. Despite their dramatically enhanced performance, every new model fits into the backboxes and apertures of the outgoing CI800 Series, so owners can easily upgrade to the dramatically improved performance offered by the new range. The result is outstanding levels of performance that once again raise the bar for custom installation loudspeakers.


For the fi rst time we have incorporated Diamond dome tweeters into custom installation speakers. Exceptionally light yet unbelievably rigid, the Diamond dome delivers pure, distortion-free treble.


The CI800 Series Diamond features the new Continuum cone, our remarkable new midrange driver technology. The result of an eight-year research and development project, Continuum was introduced in our fl agship 800 Series Diamond and delivers pristine midrange performance.


First developed for the 800 Series Diamond, Aerofoil cones deliver incredible bass performance. The ultra-light yet exceptionally stiff Aerofoil design combines a computer-optimised form, carbon-fi bre outer ‘skins’ and a light syntactic foam core to ensure accurate, punchy bass.


The Diamond dome tweeters and midrange drive units in the new CI800 Series Diamond are fully decoupled from the body of each loudspeaker in a similar way to the drive units in the 800 Series Diamond. This minimises the impact of resonance through the baffl e caused by the operation of each drive unit and results in a sound that is cleaner and more accurate.

Model  CWM8.5 D 
 Description  2-way In-wall loudspeaker
 Technical features Diamond Dome, Nautilus™tube-loaded tweeterAnti-resonance plugFlowport™
Drive units 

1x ø25mm (1in) Diamond Dome,

Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeter

1x ø180mm (7in) Continuum cone bass/midrange driver with anti-resonance plug

 Frequency range (-6dB) 35Hz - 35kHz
        Recommended Amplifier Power        120W 
 Sensitivity 89dB 
 Nominal Impedance 8Ω 
 Frame height  411mm (16.2in)
  Frame width  247mm (9.7in)
Cut-out height 395mm (15.5in)
Cut-out width 231mm (9.1in)
Protrusion 8mm (0.3in)
Net weight 3.5kg
Back Box BB CWM8.5

NB: Price listed is for "each" speaker.  Backbox sold separately. Custom Install range may require back order from the distributor. Please contact store for availability.

New Zealand Bowers & Wilkins Official Product. Come with Bowers & Wilkins Manufactures Warranty.