Divini Audio X-S3 RCA Cable



Divini Audio X-S3 7N OCC RCA Cable

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Divini Audio X-S3 7N OCC RCA Cable

Cable Type:               Interconnects Cable

Conductor Material:    99.9999% 7NOCC

Wire Diameter:          0.75 sq x2 + 1.0sq x1

Structure:                  3P Shielding Structure

Shield:                       Multi OFC shielding

Outer Diameter:        6.1 mm


X-S3 Single Crystal 7N OCC

Analog signal transmission through a twisted pair of 0.15mm cores and a 0.3mm core ground to constitute the true equilibrium structure.

Two layers of shielding - a thick copper film and a 0.1mm OFC copper braid isolation shield to form an excellent shielding net. Large cross-sectional ground core to eliminate the free float signal and minimize the interference.



a. Stable, wide and in-depth sound stages.

b. Superb musicality along with the ability to handle a broad range

c. High-purity single-crystal copper to provide smooth, sweet and vibrant tone.


New Zealand Divini Official Product. Come with Divini Manufactures Warranty.