Montaudio Chatham CH-1 Speaker Cable



Cable Type: Audio Grade speaker cable

Conductor Material: 99.9997% LC-OFC

Wire Diameter: 0.12mm*19*5C *2 Silver Plated + 0.18mm*7 *7C*2

Structure: 2x2P Structure

Outer Diameter: 11.5mm

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Montaudio Chatham CH-1 14AWG 4-Core Silver Hybrid 5N LC-OFC Audiophile Grade Speaker Cable

Montaudio Chatham Silver Hybrid Audiophile Grade Speaker Cable is a high performance cable. They are audiophile grade 5N 99.9997% Long Grain Oxygen Free Copper LC-OFC 14AWG cables with 2 x 2P structure with outer diameter of 11.5mm. The cable is well protected with PE jacket which offers superior resistance to temperature against any other standard cable, so when you use the cable inside or outside your home theater walls, its less likely that you will have to replace this cable because of its overall build quality.


Audiophiles obsess about the tiniest details when it comes to the quality of music. Everything matters between you to get closer to your music starting from clarity, openness, emotions, involvement, or deeper lows and higher highs, soundstage and separation of instruments.

The Montaudio Hybrid cleverly designed cable has both copper and silver, such works to an advantage for critical listeners, who get a perfect blend of clear smooth top end without the harshness. The silver stretches out the sound making it sound a lot less concealed. this added more realism to the vocals. The lower frequency due to copper had great quantity but more refined due to silver. Overall, it results in better sound-staging, 3-D Imaging and a very fun sound, and such gives an impression and power of full sized headphones. The Montaudio’s cable offered beautiful pauses that held the hint of last left note for a little longer period with beautiful depths, and then sudden high notes made instruments really transparent, cleaner and clearer, whilst giving up minimal sacrifices. Thanks to the copper purity and overall build quality, the lower notes were dense and refined and it felt more like a journey that no one want to end and left hungry for more, an overall compelling and enjoyable experience. Be prepared to be thrilled.


1)    Superior quality built construction – meant to last really long, and a solid high performance cable.

2)    Beautiful transparency, yet high smooth without any harshness or any screeching noise

3)    PE jacket has its own advantages, including heat cold and moisture resistance. PE constructed cables are also used in other high end cables companies like Audioquest to maintain the longevity and quality of the cable.

4)    Blended cable, bring best of both worlds with copper and silver. Copper contributes to deep lows, more relaxed and smooth with 99.9997% pure copper, and silver offers speed and octave detail.

5)    Multifunction cable, can be used for main cable and also an in-wall cable so you don’t ever feel left out with performance of your Atmos or 3D set up with quality speakers used with quality cables. Furthermore, best outcome for those who do not like clutter of wires hanging out and visible in their home theatre setup. These cables maintain top quality either for front main speakers or for hidden in walls or ceiling speakers.

6)    At the price point this is simply no brainer to buy these cables for the whole home theatre setup and spend your hard earned money on speakers and room correction for further enhancements to your audio or home theatre set up.

7)    Suits budget of both Audiophiles and non-audiophiles…it sits at a sweet spot when you don’t feel that you spent extravagantly on cables to hear good sound and you feel a great bargain overall.

8)    Bi-Amp capabilities with copper for lows and silver high resulting in better separation of music and high quality performance.


Cable Type: Audio Grade speaker cable

Conductor Material: 99.9997% LC-OFC

Wire Diameter: 0.12mm*19*5C *2 silver plated + 0.18mm*7 *7C*2

Structure: 2x2P Structure

Outer Diameter: 11.5mm

New Zealand Montaudio Official Product. Come with Montaudio Manufactures Warranty.