Tone Arm TA-500

The TA-500 is a precisely manufactured precision-bearing 9 inch tone arm. The precision miniature ball bearings used are from manufacturer SKF. The bearings are added with minimal pre pressure for zero backlash to achieve a minimum friction and maximum stability.

The armtube is a custom made dual carbon tube. This creates a very rigid tube but still having a high damping and resonance. The TA-500 is only available with 5 pin connector and a Audioquest 5 pin cable is supplied with the arm.

Technical Data  

Length 9 inch
Cartridge balance range 4 g – 16.0 g

Zero Point inner DIA

Zero Point outer DIA

61.0 mm

121.0 mm

Signal Cable Copper
Overhang 15
Total length 252 mm
Effective length 237 mm
Distance (Distance from pivot to stylus) 222 mm
Tilt Angle 22.00 °
Effective mass 10.2 g
Total weight 585 g
Tone arm mounting Rega Style or SME
Output 5 pin plug
A = height from mounting surface to record surface 21 mm – 46 mm
B = depth from mounting surface to end of pivot housing 5 mm – 35 mm
C = height from mounting surface to highest point 98 mm – 128 mm