NEXUM TuneBox21 Streamer with Multiroom



Turn the old-school audio system into WiFi streaming device


TB21 makes all your traditional music sources into digital streaming players

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Turn the old-school audio system into WiFi streaming device



TB21 allows you to stream music into your exsiting system in Hi-Fi quality, as well as makeing your traditional music sources into digital streaming players.


Multi-room sync play
Stream your music anytime

We designed a brand new way to stream your music
With just ONE PUSH of a button 
Without any settings on apps or desktop software 
Anyone can PUSH the music and start the party instantly



Stream audio to TuneBox2 without any complicated setting. 
Unlike Bluetooth, which always require pairing and unpairing. 
Easy to use and always connect.

Mute Message Notification

Enjoy pure music experience at home.
No more message notification 


Create Your Own Streaming

For TB21

There are two traditional music sources that we care about - Vinyl & CD
No more transcoding program on PC No more ripping CD into your NAS
With TB21+TB20, Vinyl & CD player can stream music all around your house

Super easy to use

Less is more is TuneBox2's design concept
1. Plug-in Vinyl/CD audio source 
2. Switch audio source from NET to AUX (TB21 only) 
3. Press Party Button (multi-device sync play

Support most popular streaming services

AirPlay . DLNA . Spotify Connect

TuneBox2 supports iOS/Android/PC/Mac platforms, allowing users to stream any kind of music over the WiFi to an existing audio system or non-wireless speaker.


AirPlay / iOS & Mac

AirPlay is the most popular real-time streaming technology on iOS devices. You don't need to install any app for it and it just show-up in any kind of media interface naturally. Even when watching videos, you will have a much better experience with audio.


DLNA / Android & PC

Most top brand Android phones have build-in DLNA service (Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG...etc) Even more, there are many 3rd party APK that support DLNA as well. Just give it a try then you will love it.


Spotify Connect / iOS, Android, PC, Mac

A brand new streaming technology - Spotify Connect. As the top 2 digital music service provider in the world, you can play any of your favorite songs on TuneBox2 over Spotify Connect. TuneBox2 will continue play the music even when your controlling device disconnects.

HiFi Class DAC

Each TuneBox2 has build-in HiFi level DAC. We chose ES9023 as the major technology supplier and helped TuneBox2 to provide a better performance compare to previous version.


Hi-Quality ADC (TB21)

CS5343 supports 24bit/96kHz recording quality. Providing high quality analog to digital performance on TB21.

Extend WiFi Signal

TuneBox2 support Ethernet (RJ-45) connection with the existing Router network. Other than streaming your music, it can also turn into "extend mode" as a WiFi Access Point station.

  • AUX in - allows you to stream CD & Vinyl across multiple Tunebox2s with Party Mode
  • Wireless Music Streamer - Connect to your Amp or powered Speakers to stream music
  • Party Button - one touch pairing of multiple Tunebox2s to create an app-free multi-room audio setup
  • WiFi Access Point - Extends your WiFi network automatically
  • Airplay, DNLA & Spotify Connect - works with all Apple wireless devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac), Android phones (Samsung Galaxy S5,S6,S7, LG, HTC), plus natively with Spotify's Connect service
  • Natively plays sources and upscales 16bit sources to 24bit/192kHz high-res audio output to your Amp


New Zealand NEXUM Official Product. Come with 12 Months Manufactures Warranty.