Divini Audio SP-65 Anti-Vibration pod




The elegantly engineered and manufactured SP-65 Anti-Vibration Pod by Divini Audio is a very effective method to enhance mid-range presence, accurate bass, increase sound staging, spacious and airy for a greater dynamics and sharpen up the textured by reducing the booming effect and lowered internal and external harmonics resonance.

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In this world, the vibrations exist everywhere we live in; even the earth itself is also vibrant at all times. For audio equipment, the impact of vibration is almost inevitable. For high-end HI-FI equipment, limiting vibration becomes a important factors that we must address of.


The impact of vibration on the audio equipment can be roughly divided into the following points:


For speakers: the speaker cabinet vibration control has been one of the most important factors to be addressed by speaker manufacturer. Different structures produce different resonance sound pattern, different materials will also produce a distinctive sound. This is a generally recognised by audiophiles. As we all know bass driver is strong and fast , The inertia of the loudspeaker can cause the entire speaker to displacement forward and backwards, but the drivers are fixed directly on the speaker, and this displacement of the speaker will produce inevitably distortion, which can produce unwanted distortion.


For the Components: Components is full of small components and connections where signal passing through. a connection vibrates caused changes in contact impedance, the signal loss can be expected, so the lower vibration also represents a lower signal loss, Eg. in the CD player, the vibration can directly impact on the laser head to read the information, which means the lower the vibration, the better the performance.




1. SP-65 use high-quality stainless steel as the main body to provide hardness and toughness support.

2. high-density high-hardness stainless steel are CNC from single piece stainless steel, each weights more than 450g, such weights produced an inertia, enough to resist the majority of the speaker displacement, hence limiting vibrations.

3.special custom Teflon rubber ring, with a low deformation characteristics, in contact with the equipment to achieve the high stability. The rubber is also designed to last for more than 20 years

4.At first glance, the walnut wood ring on the SP-65 look like only a decorative item. However, the walnut ring is an important factor to effectively reduce the resonance with the stiff SP-65 high hardness stainless steel body.

5. Height adjustable with locking system, to prevent movement from vibration


Material: stainless with walnut wood Composite

Net Weight: 450g/pcs

Dimensions: Diameter 64MM.  Height Adjustable 53~71MM

Max  Load    : 150 Kg/pcs


New Zealand Divini Official Product. Come with Divini Manufactures Warranty.