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Having previously manufactured over 50,000 pairs of LS3/5a’s, Rogers are now once again manufacturing this landmark speaker in the UK. Ultimately the Rogers LS3/5a has outshined its BBC monitor status to become an audiophile legend in its own

$ 8499.00

    Improving on a reference fifty-year-old design while remaining true to the original was no easy undertaking

    $ 9999.00

      Meticulously manufactured in the UK to traditional BBC standards, the BBC-licensed Rogers LS5/9 Classic loudspeakers are popular with music lovers and recording studios alike.

      $ 13999.00

        Following on from the Rogers LS3/5A SE, we took the same additions and added them to the LS5/9.

        $ 15999.00

          Each Rogers AB3a Active Subwoofer System utilises two Rogers LS3/5A bass units. Each bass unit is mass loaded with a specific resin to lower the resonant frequency and stiffen the bextrene cone.

          $ 7999.00
          Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items