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The first thing about SOtM the company from South Korea*—its tag line Ultimate High Performance Audio indicates ambitions— is that name and peculiar spelling. Designer/owner Il-Won Lee explained through May Park, his export sales manager, that it stands for Soul Of the Music. Whilst looking tekkie it’s actually poetic. Founded in 2008, SOtM is about computer audio in ways that go deeper than with usual audio firms.

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The dCBL-BNC and dCBL-COX cables are the high-performance digital audio cables for transmitting AES3 signals well known as master clock signal, word clock signal, and S / PDIF signals.

$ 1450.00

The dCBL-UF is a new high end audio USB cable equipped with already well known filter block used on SOtM’s famous network cable, dCBL-CAT7

$ 1799.00

The sCLK-OCX10 is a specially designed product for high end audio equipment which brings all the benefits of master clocks that have been used primarily in recording studios and high performance audio.

$ 5999.00

sDP-1000EX is a high-end D/A converter and pre-amplifier. It is a device with many high-end features: a USB audio function which supports DSD playback, a high-performance clock circuit, a battery power supply, and a high performance preamplifier.

$ 5999.00

sHP-100 is a combined USB DAC & high performance headphone amplifier. The unit supports USB, Coaxial, Optical and Analog line input and has headphone output as well as analog line output.

$ 1199.00

The sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed with our own technology.

$ 699.00 $ 799.00

The sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed with our own technology.

$ 2199.00

it is a network switch developed to overcome such low performance in a network environment, and it is finally able to give you a fundamental solution in your network audio system.

$ 1399.00 $ 1,499.00

A power amplifier is an essential device for configuring audio systems with its role in the process of operating the speakers. From the introduction of the vacuum tube to the establishment of the class D amplifier currently called the digital amplifier, the amplification technology for amplifiers...

$ 5999.00

The resolution, textures, transparency and expression of sound is greatly affected by how and what power is supplied to your audio devices. Which means a power supply unit affects the sound quality to the entire audio system, and should never be considered “just a power supply unit.”

$ 849.00 $ 949.00

It works as a hub receiving and distributing USB audio signals, but regenerating the USB AUDIO signal by the high-performance super clock module, sCLK-EX, installed inside to the product, so that sound could be superior to any other USB audio product .

$ 1799.00
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items