A team of people driven by the passion for design and music, materials, shapes, technology and sound quality, 
this is the profile of the Italian company Laboratorio Audio. 
We were born in Vicenza, and for nearly twenty years we operate in high-level audio. 

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As original as it is effective, it reproduces sound in high quality at 360 °.

$ 2799.00

Small, modern, and minimal with high-level acoustic and technological contents. A nice project. Outdoor or flush with the wall, Q10 is the smallest acoustic loudspeaker of the production.

$ 1329.00

Designed in various versions, in order to satisfy the need for soundproofing rooms from the ceiling, while maintaining a remarkable aesthetic cleanliness.

$ 969.00

The flush-to-wall version in the T18CG model for plasterboard or T18M for masonry

$ 949.00

To relive the fantastic design of the 60s with contemporary technological solutions. Derived from the proven Q20 series, it differs in the softer line by exhibiting a rounded edge, arousing some reminder of the beautiful 60s, while maintaining excellent performance.

$ 3999.00
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items