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The Magnat Transpuls 1500 is equipped with classic components of this loudspeaker category, but developed using modern development tools such as our Klippel® laser measuring system.

$ 3299.00

The honest and down-to-earth appearance of the Transpuls 1000 also embodies the way in which it performs.

$ 2799.00

In terms of acoustics, the Magnat Transpuls 800A has all of the rebellious genes of its big siblings.

$ 1999.00

The Magnat Signature 1109 is the largest floor-standing loudspeaker in Magnat´s new "Signature" reference class.

$ 10499.00

    The Signature 909 defines the higher end of the 900 series. With fully-fledged 4-way components, it sets acoustic standards and, with a size of around 1.20 m, it also makes a strong optical statement.

    $ 10499.00

      At a height of just over one meter, the Signature 905 can definitely be described as being full-size.

      $ 8999.00

        The Signature 507 is just as slim as the 505, but a bit higher at 1030 mm. The increased size is due to the dual woofer used, with the result that the 507 has a 170 mm bass-midrange unit as well as woofers of the same size, enabling it to reproduce correspondingly lower frequencies.

        $ 3499.00

        The Signature 903 offers all the qualities of the 900 series in a compact format.

        $ 3699.00

          The 703 is a compact entry level speaker for the Signature 700 series. It shares the slender 21 cm wide front panel with its larger sibling, otherwise it offers everything that could delight a high-end fan on a base that covers an A4 sheet.

          $ 2599.00

            The Signature 503 is, as a shelf-top speaker, the most compact representative of the new 500 range. As a three-way system, it combines the hi-res dual tweeter module with a 17 cm bass-midrange unit.

            $ 1599.00

              The Signature Center 93 takes this fact into account because, in addition to the standard double-tweeter module for the 900 series, it is also equipped with 2 x 170 mm bass-midrange drivers. This means that the Center 93 also copes supremely with the dynamic attacks that often occur in movies,...

              $ 2199.00

                The Signature Center 73 naturally features an identical chassis and perfect tonal coordination to ensure a homogeneous all-round sound. 

                $ 1649.00

                  If you also use the Signature range as part of your home cinema, you will find that the Signature Center 53 is the ideal speaker for the front centre channel.

                  $ 999.00

                  The flagship model, and of course the perfect choice of front speaker in a Tempus surround system, is the 3-way Tempus 77 bass reflex floorstanding speaker.

                  $ 1899.00

                    The Tempus 55 is designed as a compact 2.5-way floorstanding speaker and is equipped with two 170 mm FE Dynamics chassis. The Klippel-optimized, lightweight coated paper cone ensures an excellent resolution and optimum speed. 

                    $ 1549.00

                      A 170 mm diameter FE Dynamics bass-midrange driver and a 25 mm fmax tweeter are used in the Tempus series shelf speakers.

                      $ 759.00

                        A 170 mm diameter FE Dynamics bass-midrange driver and a 25 mm fmax tweeter are used in the Tempus series shelf speakers.

                        $ 439.00

                          A 120 watt RMS class-D high performance amplifier, which is housed in the active bass reflex subwoofer of the Tempus series, provides the relentless powerful drive for the 300 mm long-throw woofer with its coated paper cone. 

                          $ 1299.00
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