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The essential loudspeakers for music lovers. 603S2/607S2/HTM6S2/ASW608

$ 5999.00 $ 7,696.00

    Nitro for your headphones.  Fully-balanced. 1,600mW. Battleship headphone amplifier.

    $ 349.00

    Love your flagship DAP but want to raise the sound quality to the max?  The iEMatch2.5 will max out music quality on any DAP with a 2.5mm balnced output.

    $ 119.00

    Do your earphones suffer from irritating hiss and pop? Not getting the full impact of your music?  The iEMatch puts an end to unwanted noise and brings your tracks back to life.

    $ 99.00

    Normal USB cables are not optimised for the highest quality audio.  The Gemini3.0 separates the audio and power cables to give you high-quality interference free audio.

    $ 749.00

    Generic USB cables can have a negative impact on your enjoyment of music.  Meet the iFi audio Mercury3.0. Maximum signal transfer. Minimum interference.

    $ 399.00

    Streaming Unleashed.  Wi-Fi audio transport.

    $ 699.00

    Even purer DAC performance.   Our specialist desktop DAC, ZEN DAC Signature V2, has been upgraded to bring you an even purer performance than the original.

    $ 549.00

    Our hip-dac just got hipper!   Meet the hip-dac2. Now in Sunset Orange with full MQA decoding.

    $ 349.00

    Standalone. Streamer. DAC/amp. All with the X-factor.   The Pro iDSD Signature is our new reference-class flagship.

    $ 6299.00

    Pro Signature style amplification.   The Pro iCAN Signature is our new flagship analogue headphone amplifier and stereo preamplifier. 

    $ 4299.00

    4 Zone distribution amplifier

    $ 3499.00

    For situations when you want near-invisible loudspeakers but refuse to compromise on sound quality, there is our Reference Series. CI 800 Series Diamond and CI 700 Series

    $ 6999.00

    High-resolution Bluetooth DAC.   Our ultra-affordable hi-res Bluetooth® DAC just got even better!

    $ 299.00

    Never lose your rhythm again The New MOMENTUM Wireless is where intuitive design meets superior sound.

    $ 599.00 $ 649.00

      Upgrade to a smarter travel experience   The NEW PXC 550-II Wireless. Unrivalled sound quality now travels even further.

      $ 599.00

      HD 560S – With linear acoustics tailored to extended listening sessions and smooth, gratifying bass performance, the HD 560S was crafted for the analytical audio enthusiast.

      $ 339.00
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      Showing 1 - 18 of 37 items