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The more calmly you dedicate yourself to a task, the more authentic and accurate the result.

$ 37999.00

    The slim ORKAN column is highly sophisticated but still unobtrusive. It can be easily integrated into any living environment and can rapidly ignite acoustic fireworks with above-average auditory spaciousness and astonishing resolution.

    $ 12999.00

      SEDAN is the perfect loudspeaker for everyone who prefers discreet optics without having to lower their expectations.

      $ 7999.00

        SIGNUM 90 masters both quiet and loud passages with complete ease.

        $ 2799.00

          The SIGNUM 70 has excellent fine dynamics with ample level reserve thanks to its powerful double bass configuration. 

          $ 2499.00

            If you are looking for a loudspeaker for smaller rooms or the effects area in a surround network, the new SIGNUM 20 is the right choice.

            $ 1149.00

              The new, small but exquisitely designed CHROMIUM STYLE series speakers have a great deal of technology hidden within their compact size: The woofer / middle-tone titanium-coated polypropylene membrane and the 19 mm aluminium tweeter dome guarantee maximum dynamics, precision and sovereignty.

              $ 949.00

                The CHROMIUM STYLE 2 is at home in different disciplines. The elaborate tweeter technology ensures a filigree sound image.

                $ 2999.00

                  With a keen will to perform and musical adaptability, the Qube 10 is attractive for both hi-fi and surround systems.

                  $ 1999.00

                    This compact subwoofer can quake the floor. Its meagre dimensions make it almost invisible in the listening room, but you can’t miss the power conjured up by the 220 mm long-stroke woofer.

                    $ 1299.00
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