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ATOLL Electronique was founded in September 1997 by Stéphane and Emmanuel DUBREUIL. The observation at that time, in the market for high-fidelity products, revealed a certain lack of audiophile products at affordable prices. They, therefore, decided to establish the brand in Brecey, in Normandy, a very rewarding place to create, develop, and market a line of integrated amps, preamps, CD players, FM tuners, etc… very musical, reliable and scalable…


The reward for our efforts: musicality, fluidity, richness of timbre and sound detail, an extraordinarily realistic liveliness for a faithful reproduction of your favourite music. It is important to enhance the enthusiasm of a vast panel of customers since the creation of ATOLL has unanimously validated our efforts, an enthusiasm confirmed by numerous distinctions awarded by critics in France and abroad.

Quality in Design:

All layers are completely symmetrical, with discrete components. Double mono configuration after correction, very low counter effect ratio, minimal wiring length, star-shaped structure for components areas, internal protection, etc.

Quality of the electronic components:

Upper-class Snap-in condensers with high-duty capacity and low in-line resistance, high-quality volume potentiometer (ALPS), resistors with a metal layer, MOS-FET transistors, full class A components for many units, mounting positioning by pairs and by triple groups.

Quality in Manufacturing:

Insertion and welding of all components are totally done at the main plant in France (Brecey, Normandy). Handmade assembly and testing, with 4 steps-checks and measuring followed by thorough listening of each unit before each shipping.

Quality from suppliers:

In addition to our production entirely carried out on our site, the subcontracting of specific parts is carried out in France and represents nearly 80% of the value of the products: the chassis are manufactured in Bretagne, the aluminium front façades in Lorraine, the printed circuits in Pays basque, transformers in the Rhône region, packaging in Normandy… This proximity offers reliable and regular quality as well as responsiveness and great flexibility in adapting to demand.

After-sales service:

We strive to satisfy our customers to the maximum by offering them products of the highest quality. Our customer service consists of advising you before the purchase, supporting you during the implementation of your system and upgrading it. In addition, if necessary, device updates can be offered. On this site you will find all the necessary information on specific devices and options, as well as catalogues, brochures, user manuals, and guides that you can download and use at any time. As a designer and manufacturer, we are able to provide after-sales service on all of our products within the limits of the availability of spare parts.

The ATOLL lines


ATOLL offers a very wide product range including CD players, drives, amplifiers, converters, network players, etc. The ATOLL ranges start with the mini-system and extends to the flagships of the brand, constituting the 400 series.


The “Mini” models concentrate all of our know-how on products with a very modern format. The MS120 network player coupled with the MA100 stereo block offers extraordinary possibilities for accessing high-definition music, whether in direct streaming (Internet radios, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, etc.), USB media, a NAS or via Bluetooth. This system stands out for its complete ability to open up to all current listening methods.


The 50 – 80 – 100 Signature ranges are available at will according to your wishes and your budget. Even starting with a small integrated one, you can easily evolve by associating it with a power block (passive bi-amplification). The scalability of the products, in addition to offering great flexibility of use, never makes them obsolete. All amplifiers in the signature range can optionally receive a digital input DAC board: DA100 or DA200, which can be combined with a P50 or P100 phono stage. In addition, all the integrated units have a BY-PASS input allowing them to be associated with any Home Cinema system.


Do you want to obtain a more realistic and precise listening? All the devices in the 200 range offer you this possibility! Discover larger, more spacious musical universes. The 200 range offers you a unique musicality for sets suitable for all types of loudspeakers.


Do you want to obtain an even more realistic and spacious listening experience? All the devices in the 300 range offer you this possibility! Travel and discover even larger, more spacious, breathtaking musical universes. This range offers exceptional musicality for sets suitable for all types of loudspeakers, even the most complex.


Our 3-channel AV100 Home Cinema or the 5-channel AV500 Home Cinema amplifiers can be chosen “à la carte”, and you can perfectly adapt the products to your constraints and needs. Equipped with high-quality electronic components, these amplifiers will be advantageously associated with an ATOLL-integrated home cinema amplifier with pre-out outputs, in order to amplify the front and surround channels. These very musical amps, combining power and finesse, allows the listener to dive into the heart of the action.


Do you want a remote control, a phono card, a S/PDIF card, a USB + Bluetooth card, and a natural aluminium colour finish? Many options are available on the integrated, preamps or CD players. You can choose your ATOLL options “à la carte”.


Finally, we also offer exceptional products, developed around 3 main ideas:

  • Have all the necessary features for perfect integration into any high-end High Fidelity set.
  • The optimal musical quality obtained using the best existing technologies.
  • A design with unique aesthetic shapes in perfect harmony with the function of each device.