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Scansonic HD

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The Scansonic HD MB6 B Floorstanding Speakers boasts a powerful lineup of 6 x 5,25” carbon coned dynamic drivers, arranged in a power sharing line array.

$ 19999.00

The Scansonic HD MB5 B Floorstanding Speakers cabinet is heavy braced, curved and with solid carbon reinforcements.

$ 13999.00

    The Scansonic HD MB3.5 B Floorstanding Speakers cabinet is heavy, braced and curved, with carbon reinforcements.

    $ 9999.00

      TheScansonic HD MB2.5 B Floorstanding Speakers has a solid foundation in the Nordic design tradition.

      $ 6499.00

        The Scansonic HD MB1 B Bookshelf Speakers features the same good solid, two-way binding post.

        $ 4299.00

          The Scansonic HD MB Center B Centre Speaker is a high-performance centre speaker designed to match a complete MB B-setup in a home cinema system. 

          $ 3099.00

            The Scansonic HD MB10 10″ Subwoofer uses a class A/B amplifier instead of the commonly used Class D, plays a key role in the MB10’s natural and dynamic performance

            $ 2599.00

              Despite the small footprint of the Scansonic HD M40 Floorstanding Speakers, of just 22 x 29.5cm, the Scansonic M40 packs in four dedicated woofers for serious bass power.

              $ 4499.00

                The Scansonic HD M20 2.5-way Floorstanding Speaker have a solid foundation in the Nordic design tradition. They are simple, sleek, elegant, and they elevate any room they are installed in.

                $ 3299.00

                  The latest evolution of Scansonic HD’s M-series loudspeakers , the Scansonic HD M10 Bookshelf Speaker is now available in New Zealand. The M10, M20, and M40 are the latest loudspeakers from Scandanavian brand, Scansonic HD.

                  $ 1499.00

                    The Scansonic HD L-5 Compact Monitor speaker enclosure is made from MDF and the front baffle in matte black is adding additional 15 mm to the front, reducing unwanted vibrations and resonances.

                    $ 799.00

                      Together with the 25 mm soft dome tweeter, the Scansonic HD L-9 Compact Floorstanding Speaker is a good choice for a small to medium sized room, delivering a bottom range that is not expected from such a slim design.

                      $ 2399.00

                        The L-12 is the big brother in series. It follows the same lines as the rest of the series and carries the same elegant look.

                        $ 2999.00

                          The L-6 is designed to match the L-series and shares the same core technology with a 25 mm soft dome tweeter in combination with two 4,5” bas/midrange drivers.

                          $ 569.00

                            The Scansonic HD L-8 Active Subwoofer reaches down to 30 Hz, so it is the ideal companion to any L-series speaker, and the 8” woofer with long excursion, delivers dynamic and punchy low frequency action.

                            $ 1499.00
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