Tango Reference

The ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE TANGO REFERENCE is our absolute top class phono preamp – where we put all our experience and knowledge in and the sound quality reaches its maximum. No matter if you listen to a Bösendorfer piano or to a concert guitar the Reference phono plays music exactly as it was recorded. The single ended class A circuit provides highest resolution and imaging and speed.

All capacitors used are selected and measured by hand to provide utmost precision in RIAA equalization. You can select settings for MM cartridges and also all MC cartridges. Different gain stages provide a perfect match to each cartridge. Input resistance and capacity is widely selectable by DIP switches. Gain for MM, MC high or MC low output cartridges can be chosen at the front. There is no section inside the TANGO REFERENCE where you will find a compromise.

An internal super charged linear power supply is used to provide clean and noise free supply to the phono board. This can be upgraded by the use of the available external power supplies. Simply connect them to the existing input plug. Using that protects your TANGO REFERENCE from interference caused by the mains electricity grid.

With this phono preamp all the information stored in your vinyl is extracted. The electronic is built into a massive housing made from Ssteel and aluminum. This elegant chassis made from a solid block shields the circuits from external influence and ads up to a total weight of 16 kg.

Technical data

Amplification:MM: 42 ­dB,
MCH: 54­dB,
MCL: 66­dB
Input connection:RCA, MM/MC selectable
Output connection:unbalanced RCA
Operation voltage (internal power supply):24 ­V­ DC
Channel separation:> 92­ dB (1­ kHz)
RIAA-accuracy:±­0.1­ dB
Signal-to-noise ratio:MM: 89 ­dB,
MC: 74­ dB
Subsonic filter:yes
Dimension (WxDxH):424 x 244 x 80 ­mm
Weight:16 ­kg
Warranty:2 years

Available finishes

Chassis:Black (anodized), 
Silver (anodized)

Package contents

  • Tango Reference preamplifier
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual