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iFi Micro iDSD Black limited edition - battery powered digital headphone amplifier

$ 999.00

iFi Micro iPHONO 2 106dB dynamic range phono stage

$ 999.00 $ 1,099.00

iFi Micro iTUBE2 - Tube output stage, tube preamp, tube buffer and impedance-matching device

$ 799.00

iFi Micro iUSB3.0 - USB digital signal cleaner, regenerator, jitter removal with active noise cancellation+

$ 799.00

iFi Nano iDSD Black limited edition - battery powered digital headphone amplifier

$ 399.00

iFi Nano iOne Digital Swiss Army Knife. USB, SPDIF, Wireless DAC

$ 399.00

iFi PRO iCAN Reference Headphone Amplifier - Mains powered professional headphone amplifier

$ 3299.00

iFi PRO iDSD Reference DAC - Tube/Solid State DAC/Headphone Amp with MQA, DLNA

$ 4499.00

The Pro series iESL is the best way of driving electrostatic headphones.

$ 2899.00

The Pro iRack has been designed from the ground up to perfectly support the iFi Pro series. It has an invisible sonic signature and stunning look. It allows you to extract the best sonic performance from your iFi Pro series collection and display it with style.

$ 499.00

AmplifierSupports formats up to DSD512/PCM768 Dual-mono headphone amp with 1000mW per channel Inputs: Optional Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) 2.5mm and 3.5mm headphone IN/OUT Compatible with: PC/iPhone/iPad/Android Devices/DAPs

$ 599.00

iFi xSeries portable headphone DAC/Amplifier with USB and Bluetooth input

$ 799.00

High-resolution wireless streamer.  This ultra-affordable hi-res Bluetooth® streamer enables you to chillax in style. Just add smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

$ 259.00
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items