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Cable that has been professionally ‘burned-in’ using Proburn will sound more open, extended and three-dimensional, with a more natural, less sterile performance overall.

$ 1929.00

Profono is a discrete high quality analogue turntable cartridge amplifier which is installed before your pre-amp or integrated if you do not have a built in phono stage, or if the phono stage is of low quality.

$ 1599.00

If a turntable is to perform at its best, it is vital that the platter is absolutely level. A number of bubble-level devices are available to assist with turntable leveling, but none deliver the unerring accuracy of the Blue Horizon Prolevel.

$ 219.00

All products benefit from a burning in/running in period of time. Phono stages used with analogue replay are no exception. With this small yet effective Blue Horizon RIAA Filter you can now directly connect your CD player to your phono stage and put CDs on repeat.

$ 199.00

Everything vibrates, period. For the audiophile, this is a serious challenge, since vibration affects the delicate audio signals in virtually every hi-fi component. Vibrations move through the floor, the furniture and the air to enter audio equipment via the feet and chassis. And of course the...

$ 719.00
    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items