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World leading High-End wireless audio streaming.

AURALiC was conceived in 2008 amidst the strains of beautiful music. That’s when founders Xuanqian Wang and Yuan Wang met at the Waldbühne Berlin Festival. Their shared appreciation of music and their perfectly complimentary skillsets were the foundation for an inevitable collaboration, and in 2009 AURALiC was born.

Built around the idea that true hi-fi should be accessible to everyone, AURALiC today enjoys a worldwide reputation for innovative digital and analog components that sound as great as they look. We build devices that help you explore digital streaming, discover new music, and share experiences with friends. They connect your home by delivering high-resolution music to every room, and make novel use of your mobile devices to take control of it all.

Combining progressive technologies that deliver on the promise of modern digital formats with revitalized analog circuitry and hardware rooted in classic designs, AURALiC is always creating new ways to bring you closer to the music than ever.

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The AURALiC ALTAIR G1.1 Digital Audio Streamer, with its robust Wi-Fi connectivity and analog output, is a clean one-box solution for all your digital music.

$ 5595.00

The ALTAIR model name has always been synonymous with that of extensive features and functionality.

$ 9795.00

The new G1.1 version of our groundbreaking ARIES wireless streaming transporter is ready to deliver high-resolution streaming music to your home audio system. 

$ 5595.00

The flexibility to connect to everything with the Aries G2.1 Wireless Streaming Transporter, the intelligence to control your world of music with a touch, and the power to deliver a signal of incomparable fidelity.

$ 9295.00

LEO GX.1, our reference master clock, continues providing trademark levels of performance in digital audio clocking. 

$ 17495.00

As a specialized enhancement product, the AURALiC Sirius G2.1 Upsampling Processor stands as the fourth addition to the award-winning G2.1 Series of AURALiC products.

$ 12495.00

The VEGA G2.1 is first and foremost a performance-focused DAC. 

$ 12495.00
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items