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German HIFI since 1949 – and still ahead of the times.

HECO is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production. Since the day the company was founded more than six decades ago, it has been committed to developing an uncompromising, high quality reproduction of music in a home environment. 

Legendary speaker series have shaped the image of the brand to date. The fact that HECO has reinvented itself time and again over more than sixty years of its history - spanning a period that has witnessed some of the most important developments in hi-fi technology - is a testament to the strength and innovative power of the brand.

Countless accolades and test victories are proof of this passion for perfection. We combine our expertise to produce outstanding products.

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Re Ware Ambient 5.1 A5. 1-cinema-system with active Subwoofers HECO ambient 5.1a is a particularly high-quality, compact multichannel speaker system. 

$ 2299.00

The Aurora 300 is a compact shelf speaker with uncompromising sound qualities.

$ 1269.00

    Despite its slender dimensions, the Aurora 700 3-way bass reflex speaker with its double bass configuration is capable of generating an explosive acoustic performance. 

    $ 2799.00

      Thanks to identical cone materials and a very similar configuration, the center speaker integrates harmoniously into the overall ensemble of an Aurora surround setup.

      $ 699.00

        Compact high-end shelf speaker with an audiophile configuration and a distinctive visual appearance.

        $ 3299.00

          An exquisitely coordinated high-end floorstanding speaker with solid aluminum struts and height-adjustable metal spikes.

          $ 8499.00

            Large state-of-the-art floorstanding speaker with outstanding acoustic properties.

            $ 10629.00

              Inspired by classic models, the "Direkt" high-end two-way loudspeakers are custom-made in the Heco laboratory!

              $ 7499.00

                Heco Direkt Dreiklang: The 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker of extremes! With the most modern development standards and technologies, the Dreiklang version of the classic Direkt design offers an extremely high level of efficiency, lowest possible distortion, exorbitant levels and open, richly...

                $ 26999.00

                  The compact 2-way bass reflex shelf speaker in the Elementa range is also equipped with a 170 mm chassis, which caters for both low and mid-range frequencies. 

                  $ 1999.00

                  The fully-fledged 3-way bass reflex speaker is the flagship model in Heco´s Elementa series and provides an extensive, authentic sound stage for both music and film. 

                  $ 5999.00

                  The active subwoofer in Heco´s Elementa range is equipped with a 300 mm high-power long-throw woofer with hardened paper cone and an additional 380 mm bass radiator in a side-fire configuration, both of which ensure an extremely wide-ranging and well-structured sub-bass spectrum. 

                  $ 3499.00

                  HECO´s INC 262 is the model for special applications in the Install Basic series.

                  $ 419.00

                  HECO´s INC 62 is the medium-sized model in the Install Basic series. The 160 mm waterproof textured polypropylene cone and the specially coated fabric dome tweeter deliver a fully-fledged sound pattern in conjunction with a high quality 2-way crossover.

                  $ 299.00

                  HECO´s INC 82 is the largest model in the Install Basic series. Its nominal diameter of 200 mm enables a powerful reproduction of the bass range and a high maximum volume. 

                  $ 369.00

                  Traditional materials that represent state-of-the-art technology through consistent development, together with components perfected with the latest technology to guarantee maximum sound quality.

                  $ 23999.00

                  HECO´s Victa Prime 202 is the smallest shelf speaker in the series. Thanks to HECO´s tried and tested long-fibre kraft paper, the 120 mm bass-midrange driver always ensures sufficient stability and freedom from distortion in the critical frequency ranges.

                  $ 549.00

                    HECO´s Victa Prime 502 is the smallest floorstanding speaker in the series. Thanks to HECO´s tried and tested long-fibre kraft paper, the two 170 mm bass-midrange drivers always ensure sufficient stability and freedom from distortion in the critical frequency ranges.

                    $ 1379.00
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